The kingdom of Sovraine, located at the confluence of the rivers Tomne and Enais, was once the heart of King Roland’s Vilsannic Empire, over two hundred years ago. It is a land of green rolling hills, fertile valleys, and old forests. It borders the Augustinian Mountains to the east, the Sea Duchies to the west, various city-states such as Vilnect to the north, and the duchies of Auxonne and Chilborg to the south.

The largest city in Sovraine is the free city of Chasway, on the River Tomne. Chasway broke free from the Vilsannic Empire as the Empire broke apart, and had, until now, defied any King’s attempt to retake it. Chasway has long been a busy port town, being the furthest spot up the river that most seagoing vessels could travel.

The seat of power in the Kingdom is Sovraine Hold, on the River Enais. One of the largest fortresses on the northern continent is located here. King Ostar rules the kingdom from this fortress.

Several other small manors, principalities, and duchies have been absorbed into the kingdom:

Apris Manor – A small trading post on the River Tomne. It is ruled by Lord Vaughn. Many Greisse merchants use the town as an alternate to landing at Chasway, smuggling goods through the town to avoid tariffs further up the river.

Lake of the Woods – A region of forests, cliffs, and small lakes abutting the Augustinian Mountains. Lac du Bois is one of the few settlements in this region, founded on the shores of the large alpine Lake of the Woods.


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