Legendary Creatures

Village matrons tell children stories of the murderous Knockers that await them in dark places. Woodsmen and rangers speak of fearsome Ogres and Wodes who stalk the deep forests. And miners and travellers speak of the enigmatic Dwarves who live in the mountains.

The legendary creatures of Europe are as varied as the people who tell them. A Mercerian may speak fondly of the friendly Kobold who fed him when he was lost and starving in the forest, while a Camelyner would speak in hushed tones of one that stole his wife and children, dragging them deep underground. But many of the legends follow roughly the same archetype.

Knockers are often depicted as a short, quick race of small humanoids. They often inhabit caves, abandoned mines, and wells. They are most famous for their wicked daggers and their needle-sharp teeth.

Ogres are described as large men, often wearing furs or rags. Legends from Vilsane and Merceria often depict them as brutish, but in the Corolus Islands and in Livia they are just as often said to be intelligent and capable of powerful magic.

A Wode is often said to be similar in height to a man, but is savage and murderous. They do not speak any language of man, and are said to set upon unwary travellers in the wilderness. These legends are most common in Camelyn and Vilsane.

Stories of Dwarves are told throughout Europe, although more frequently in the north and in Camelyn. They are said to be masters of riddles, and users of powerful magic. Many tales tell of mythical heroes who found solace in the deep mines of the Dwarves, and who were equipped with powerful magic spears and swords, with which they eventually conquered their foes. But some tales tell of Dwarves betrayed by the greedy, and of whole villages vanished from the face of the earth, leaving behind only a pit strewn with rubble and ash.

A Kobold is said to always live in solitude, deep in caves or in the most remote mountaintop. They are said to be very small humanoids who are masters of sorcery and philosophy. Many legends tell of ancient kobold masters sitting on mountaintops, rewarding the wise with magic and punishing the foolish by hurling them from the mountain to their death.

Legendary Creatures

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