Lake of the Woods Region

The region of Lake of the Woods, not to be confused with the lake that it is named after, is on the eastern border of the Kingdom of Sovraine. It stretches from the River Tomne to the west to the Augustinian Mountains to the east, and transitions from marshes and gentle rolling hills to cliffs, waterfalls, and small alpine lakes.

There are few permanent settlements in the region. Lac du Bois, a small village of under a thousand people, sits near an old Julian watchtower on the shores of the Lake of the Woods. The village of Apris Manor on the Tomne has little traffic in the woods themselves. The walled trading berg of Tanqueray Court sees much more activity, as it sits on [[Saint Jarod’s Pass]] in the mountains, connecting Sovraine with Hostmark in the Holy Julian Empire.

Several other small hamlets may be found deep in the woods, carving out a living hunting and trading furs. Many of these smaller landholdings belong to descendants of the original inhabitants of this region, and still honor the old pagan ways. There are also bands of woodsmen and wildmen, who keep to the old traditions, and while these bands are rare, they can be very dangerous to outsiders they don’t trust.

More frightening than any human inhabitants of the woods are the stories told of legendary creatures inhabiting the deepest forest. Village matrons tell children stories of the murderous Knockers that await them in dark places, of Ogres, Dwarves, and Wodes who stalk the forests and mountains. The most frigtening legend may be the Wild Hunt, an immortal host that is said to stalk its chosen prey through all the wild lands of the world, never ceasing in its pursuit.

Lake of the Woods Region

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