Lac du Bois

Lac du Bois, or “Lake of the Woods”, is a small walled village on the shores of the lake of the same name. It is difficult to reach by road and impossible to reach by river travel, as several waterfalls seperate the Lake from the main waterways of the region. For this reason the village is mostly self-sufficient, although it does owe fealty to Lord Vaughn of Apris Manor.

The village is led by Burgher Julian Dubois and his son Piet Dubois. In recent years the Dubois family has made a small fortune stockpiling war goods in the village. The village’s largest building is in a warehouse compound owned by the family.

Other notable buildings include a Church, which doubles as a town hall, which is run by Deacon Ronalt. A travelling priest holds services here four times a year. There is also a blacksmith, a storehouse that rents out two rooms, and a small shipbuilder near the shore. There are several small farms outside the wooden palisades, a windmill, and the ruins of an old Julian tower, inhabited by an old mystic.

Until recently much of the famine and strife that has taken hold of the Kingdom of Sovraine has not touched Lac du Bois.


The heroes Sigmund, Gerhard, and Hildegard reach Lac du Bois after a perilous trek through the forest to find a village being consumed by the plague.

Lac du Bois

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