Julian Empire

The great Julian Empire, over seven hundred years ago at its height, ruled most of the coastal regions of Europe, the Corolus islands, the Camelyn isles, and several major cities in the Near East. The heart of the empire was the majestic city of Jules.

The Julians built a vast fleet of merchant vessels that traded all the way around the coast of Europe. Merchant vessels were quickly followed by military landings and the feared Julian Phalanx. In short order most ports of call in Europe were governed by Julian magistrates and those that weren’t found themselves cut off from trade routes.

Politics in the Julian Empire was a complex web of merchant house alliances, representatives from governors from the edges of the Empire, and old wealthy nobility vying for the ears of the Emperor and the Fleet Trierarch. As trade with the Corolian city-states and the Near East became a larger focus of the Empire’s resources, ideas and religious beliefs from these regions became more popular with the citizens of the Empire, especially belief in Bythos. By the end of the Empire’s hegemony over Europe, these ideas had passed through to every major port city on the continent.

As the wealth from the Julian monopoly encouraged the merchants to push ever-deeper into the continent, watchtowers and fortresses sprang up to guard landholdings, crossroads, and estates. As powerful, centralized government has receded from Europe, these structures can be found as ruins in unexpected places. Some even say that descendants of the old empire remain in some of these far-flung places, carrying on the beliefs and magics of ancient, forgotten gods.

Julian Empire

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