Europe is a large island continent situated in the northern temperate region of Earth. It is dominated by deep coniferous forests, towering mountain ranges, and frigid inland seas and channels.

The political landscape is a diverse array of fractured kingdoms, duchies, and city-states. Loosely held together by a shared inheritance from the Julian Empire, European powers are typically agrarian, feudal principalities. The population is culturally diverse but bound together by faith in the Church of the Gestalt. The Church is a powerful organization based in the ancient city of Jules, and it pulls many strings behind the scenes of Europe’s political stage.


Livia – The homeland of the once-mighty Julian empire. Home to several city-states, including the Holy City of Jules and the vassal states of the Church of the Gestalt.

Corolus – This island chain borders both Europe and the Near East. The city of Megala was the birthplace of the legendary Philosopher-King Plato, and was the seat of the empire he created. The Corolian isles are a center of maritime trading and piracy.

Vilsane – The Vilsanic peoples live in the fertile river valleys in the western half of the continent. Several hundred years ago they were unified under the banner of King Roland, and many of their kingdoms and duchies still maintain ties, but they are scattered and decentralized. Sovraine is one of the largest such kingdoms.

Merceria – Merceria is a vast land of lush forests, deep rivers, and abundant resources, yet much of it remains wilderness. The Holy Julian Empire dominates much of this land, and the river merchants of the Griesse control all of the river trade in Merceria.

Camelyn – A network of large islands on the north and west edges of the continent, Camelyn is home to the prosperous Sea Duchies as well as the inhospitable mountainous islands of the Skraevirs.


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