Church of the Gestalt

Religion in Darklands Europe centers around the worship of “The Gestalt,” who is named Bythos (the Deep), or alternatively, “The True (or Unknowable) Shape.” The Gestalt is the great deity surpassing and enlightening creation. Similar in many respects to the Christian God, but anthropomorphized less often. Of course in the world of the Darklands, “heresies” abound and more than one tradition worships idols of the Gestalt, most in the form of an old bearded man. His symbol is an eight-pointed perfectly symmetric star, similar to a compass rose, called The Sphere.

There are several Holy Cities associated with the Church. The Church itself is based in the Holy City of Jules, the ancient capital of the Julian Empire that spread the word of Bythos through much of the known world. Another important Holy City is Megala, the birthplace of Plato the Philosopher-King, the founder of the Church. Finally, the distant city of Farnah in the Near East is home of the great temple of Zoarastra, the First-Enlightened, who is credited with putting in words the concept of the divine and the profane.

The Church is led by the Metre, who is said to be able to perfectly see a single side of the infinite unknowable shape. The current Metre is Archimedes IV. It is claimed by some that the Metre is able to harness his knowledge of the divine shape to work miracles of great and terrible power.

The Church is served further down the hierarchy by Spectums, Demispectums, Priests, Abbots, Deacons, and Nuns. All but Deacons and Nuns must be male.

A significant part of the worship of The Gestalt is the belief in Saints. Believers of any background, whether pauper or prince, may through deed or fortune find that they are conduits of Bythos’ greatness. Stories abound of Saints performing miracles in the service of Bythos, and as often as not these saints are said to have met a gruesome fate, making their story all the more compelling.

Church of the Gestalt

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