A great, free city in the heart of the Kingdom of Sovraine, located on the River Tomne, Chasway is a relatively young city. Having been chartered at the height of the Vilsannic Empire, Chasway was established as a port town linking the fertile open valleys of Sovraine with trade up the river and into the North Sea.

Chasway is an exporter of wine, wheat, and salt. The city boasts several churches, including the grand Illuminated Dome of the True Shape; a well-known Lycaeum; a bustling port and market district; and a sturdy wall and garrison that is the envy of all Vilsane. The imposing Council Building of Chasway looks out over the city and across the River.

When the ties that bound the old empire began to fray, some of the city-states and baronies on the peripheries found that they fared better on their own. Chasway, which was ruled by its various Guildmasters and merchant houses, was able to leverage foreign financing to fortify itself to the point where it could forcibly cast off its fealty to the Empire. The Kings of Sovraine have never forgotten this, and many Kings have made attempts to breach the walls of the River City. None have been successful, until now.


The heroes Gerhard and Sigmund made their way to Chasway with the mercenary army of Rutger von Blum. The pay was minimal but the work was easy, until the fateful night of the Great Flood, which swept away the heroes along with many of the city’s fortifications. Gerhard and Sigmund have not been back to the city yet but have heard rumors that it has fallen to the combined forces of Skraevirs and King Ostar, and that much of the city lies in ruin.


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