845 November 6
Sigmund, Gerhard and Hildegard approach the Dubois compound in Lac du Bois after dawn. They are drawn into a fight with Piet Dubois and his guards, and starving peasants break out into rioting outside the compound.

845 November 5
Pursued by strange antlered huntsmen, Sigmund, Gerhard, and Hildegard arrive at the village Lac Du Bois. They meet the foreign mystic Youshhuda and are tasked with eliminating the source of the plague in the village.

845 November 4
On the run from Baron Vaughn’s forces, Sigmund, Gerhard, and Hildegard fight and kill the murderer Sinopus at the Golgotha tree.

845 November 3
Sigmund, Gerhard, and Hildegard raid the dungeon of Apris Manor, freeing the woodsman Sinopus.

845 November 2
Sigmund and Gerhard assist the enigmatic Cernius on the lost isle, retrieving his hidden charge (a sleeping woman of seemingly alien origin) and, fleeing a Skraevir war party, land at Apris Manor. Their mission from Cernius is to take the sleeping woman to a monastery hidden near the Lake of the Woods, a day’s journey to the east. They pay off the ransom of the imprisoned Hildegard, who joins them.

845 November 1
Sigmund and Gerhard wash up on an island in the middle of the river Tomne. Scouting suggests it is inhabited.

845 October 31
Chasway is breached in a pre-dawn Skraevir assault. Sigmund and Gerhard are washed downriver in a great flood. In the Sea Duchies, on the coast of Bryneich in Camelyn, the city of Hyfeth is burned to the ground by Skraevirs.

845 October 28
Skraevirs sink the boat Grote Maria of the river merchant Alfan of the Greisse. His passenger Hildegard is captured by slavers and sold to Baron Vaughn of Apris Manor.

845 October 26
A Skraevir fleet lands at Chasway, blocking off food supplies from the river.

845 October 25
Baron Vaughn of Apris Manor apprehends the woodsman Sinopus on suspicion of witchcraft.

845 September 19
King Ostar of Sovraine and his forces lay siege to the city of Chasway.

845 September 14
King Ostar’s forces march from Sovraine Hold.

845 September 5
Rutger von Blum’s mercenary Tannenmark Company arrives at Chasway. The swords-for-hire Sigmund and Gerhard are in the ranks.


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