Apris Manor

Apris Manor is a small manor village on the River Tomne. Riverboats of the Greisse often put in here as a quick trading stop on their way to Vilnect or Chasway.

The town sits in a marshy swath of the east bank of the river, and in the shadow of the imposing manor that is the town’s namesake. Lord Vaughn rules the town and the surrounding lands from the manor. A large island can be seen from the town’s shore in the middle of the river. Few of the town’s inhabitants have been to this island, claiming it is inhabited by wild men.

Within the past several years, Skraevir raids and famine in the village have reduced it in size by more than half. Few people remain here to tend the fallow fields and dead orchards, many having gone to Chasway to find protection and the means to buy grain. Slavers and press gangs terrorize those who have remained, with little done by the Lord to protect them.


Just recently, the heroes Sigmund and Gerhard passed through this town, freeing the travelling priestess Hildegard and the murderous woodsman Sinopus from the Manor’s dungeon.*

Apris Manor

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