Log: Dubois Compound (2/2/09)

Location: Lac du Bois Date: 845 November 5-6

Basic plot recap: The town has disease. According to the crazy old mystic (Youshhuda), greed is at the root of it.

Tidbits picked up:

  • A. In Lac du Bois, the diet is based on barley mostly, with wheat, fish, and a few eggs as well.
  • B. There’s no mold on the supplies though. No obvious toxicity in the fields. But some of the “fresh baked bread” has rat nibbles on it. And there’s an unusual amount of vermin in this town.
  • C. According to one guy, the Dubois family manor is cursed. He worked there, and was attacked by… things… bites and slashes and so forth. (And now his little wounds are infected.)
  • D. The Dubois family is middlemen. They buy and stockpile goods, to sell at a profit later. Weapons and armor before some of the conflicts broke out. Foodstuffs. Etc.
  • E. Dubois family is the big family in town. Plenty of money. No one else in town comes close.

Adventure events of note:

  1. Spoke with a sick man. (See C, above.)
  2. Observed a wagon go into the Dubois family compound.
  3. Crept around the outer walls, and were spotted by a peasant. Gerhard gave him 1 gp, claiming that it was to pay a bet, which got the guy gone. He shouldn’t be bothering us again, as that would mean revealing himself as someone other than the person we were ‘supposed’ to give the gold to.
  4. Did some reconnaissance around the Dubois compound. The silo side of the warehouse is in greater disrepair. The silos are full of grain. Rats are scurrying about, squeezing through bricks, etc.
  5. Return November 6 in the morning, trying to talk to the patriarch of the Dubois family. Instead, are confronted by his son, Piet Dubois. Hildegard sensed darkness around him, even though he seems to be a paladin of some sort.
  6. Piet Dubois and his men got antsy and attacked. Hildegard tried to talk sense into him, and it seemed to work for a while, but then his heart hardened, and he joined the attack. Townsfolk, seeing the commotion, joined the fray, setting fire to the Dubois compound. It seems that family Dubois is not loved in Lac Du Bois.
  7. At the conclusion of combat, Piet Dubois’ men were dead, and he retreated into the warehouse, as peasants ran amok.

XP: 290 (3025+290=3315)

(Posted by Brent.)



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