The year is 845 AD. Europe is in the grip of an extended period of famine, flood, and harsh winters. Raiders from across the cold seas and fleets from foreign deserts batter the edges of a fledgling civilization rebuilding itself in the wake of the fall of the old Julian Empire. Mysterious followers of old religions and forgotten creatures from legend populate the unknown vastness of the forests and mountains.

The Church of the Gestalt, the center of religious life in Europe, is unable to stop the scheming and warring principalities and duchies. As unprotected towns fall and burn in the wake of the invading Skraevir fleets, mighty armies move to fill in the vacuum of power. But even the strongest ruler may find his domain decimated by famine or the plague.


Against the backdrop of desperate times, mercenary armies find themselves in high demand. It is in the service of one of these armies that the heroes Sigmund and Gerhard find themselves defending the doomed walls of the great free city of Chasway, in the Kingdom of Sovraine.